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The life of an article after publication is just beginning. So that your research can be seen and it has benefited the public, and you have received scientific dividends, we offer video recommendations from our publisher PC TECHNOLOGY CENTER.


How to associate Scopus ID with ORCID ID

This video will help you to add ORCID ID to Scopus profile, as well as Scopus ID to ORCID profile, pull articles from Scopus profile to ORCID profile. ORCID is used in many databases and systems, in many reports on the scientific activities of scientists. Associating Scopus ID and ORCID ID is an important factor for the wide representation of the scientist in the information environment.

How to register at ResearchGate and add your research

This video is dedicated to one of the most common social networks for international cooperation of scientists from different scientific fields – ResearchGate. Thanks to ResearchGate, scientists can exchange the full texts of scientific publications, as well as take part in professional discussions.


This video is dedicated to the famous open access online preprint community, SSRN, which represents disciplines across the spectrum of research. SSRN will ensure the rapid dissemination of your research results and maximise their use and discoverability, thus improving their downloadability and citability.

How to register at Zenodo and add your research

This video is dedicated to the Zenodo repository, which is widely known in Europe in the scientific fields, the main purpose of which is to comply with the principles of “open science”. Therefore, here you can upload not only publications, but also their output, as well as capacious calculations. Thanks to Zenodo, you don’t have to worry about reporting on EU grants.

How to register at Academia edu and add your research

This video is dedicated to the social network for researchers, which makes it possible to share their scientific articles, track their citation, find like-minded people for joint research, and also follow the new publications of their colleagues.

How to upload your research to Figshare

In this video, you will take a step-by-step video tutorial, register on Figshare and add your research. Figshare is an online scientific repository where users can share their research results. As a result, researchers can save and share the results of their research, including drawings, datasets, images and videos.


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